Friday, July 17, 2020

HOTEL BROTHERS (2021) Official Trailer | Documentary

In 2008, brothers Lucas & Travis Boychuk, tired of working dead end jobs, moved from Canada to Nicaragua with only $1000 & their backpacks. From the first day they set foot in Nicaragua, they started filming. Follow their journey from day 1 until now, as they navigate their way through a new country, a new language, and with limited funds.

This story is brought together by interviews from 12 people including investors, friends & professional athletes. After the brothers start building their first resort, they soon get robbed at gun point and their house cleared out by the robbers. A few days later the boys return to Canada, defeated, and back to work at their dead end jobs. Months go by, and the brothers decide to not let that misfortune decide the fate of their dream to build the worlds first action sports resort.

They return to Nicaragua, full force, and finish the Surf Ranch Resort. Then, they set their eyes on a new build the largest resort in Nicaragua. The brothers gather funding from a few investors in their first resort and start building. Suddenly a civil war uprising in Nicaragua causes the brothers to leave again, but this time to Costa Rica, with just their backpacks again. Here, the brothers open their 2nd Surf Ranch Resort.

As calm returns to Nicaragua, so do the brothers, with full motivation to finish the resort that they started on.

Full documentary finished and in the final editing phase. Coming soon to Amazon Prime & other networks. Subscribe to our channel for updates.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

THE FIRST WINERY IN NICARAGUA | at the Surf Ranch Resort | Emerald Coast

We met up at the Surf Ranch Resort, with Tony who owns Vibrant Vines Winery & The Frequency Winery, from our hometown in Kelowna, B.C, Canada. They won the worlds best white wine award at the Beverage Competition in Geneva, Switzerland and they were just recently featured on Netflix, on the show - Restaurants on the Edge - Season 2, Okanagan Valley, go watch it!

We will be starting the first winery in Nicaragua with Tony at the new Surf Ranch Resort on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua, and in this video we discuss the potential mishaps and how we would be able to pull this off, as no one else has done it before in Nicaragua.

The Vibrant Vine Winery -

Surf Ranch Resort -

If you are interested in investing in the winery or resort, send us a message - or