Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Nicaragua: Vacation only using BitCoin

bitcoin in nicaragua surf ranch

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular worldwide, as a new choice of currency.  However, still a lot of people do not know what Bitcoin is or how it works, but with more and more people traveling the world, looking to buy items and services using Bitcoin, we have put together a list of places in Nicaragua that accept Bitcoin.

We will show you below how you can vacation in Nicaragua, by using BitCoin.


bitcoin in nicaragua surf ranch

The first step would be to book your flight to Nicaragua.   Expedia now accepts Bitcoin, so you can enter your dates, choose your flight and pay with Bitcoin through Expedia.

Expedia - www.expedia.com

Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort - San Juan Del Sur

bitcoin in nicaragua surf ranch
After arriving at the Managua International Airport, you will need an airport shuttle and a place to stay.  You can book this through the Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort with 2 locations - San Juan Del Sur, and Popoyo.  You are able to book an airport shuttle from the airport to the resorts or between both resorts and even back to the airport.  You can book an all inclusive package, and various activities through the resort, all using BitCoin and other types of Crypto Currencies.

Reserving with Bitcoin at Surf Ranch Resorts - Booking Page here
Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort - San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua - www.surfranchnicaragua.com

Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort - Popoyo

bitcoin in nicaragua surf ranch
As of now, the new resort is under construction and is set to be the largest all inclusive resort in Nicaragua.  Currently 4 ocean view houses are complete and the 4 story apartment complex has begun.  You can currently rent the 4000 sq ft ocean view mansions using BitCoin, ranging from $200 - $500 USD per night (depending on the time of year), or the equivalent in BitCoins.

Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort - Popoyo, Nicaragua - www.surfranchpopoyo.com

Catamaran Sailing

sailing nicaragua bitcoin surf ranch
Once in San Juan Del Sur, when staying at the Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort, you can take part in many activities that the resort offers using BitCoin, but you can also get out for the day on the ocean, and rent a Catamaran for you and your friends.  The tours include half and full day tours, and an open bar on board including snacks, beer and rum.  They except Bitcoin directly through their site below.

Nica Sail N' Surf - www.nicasailandsurf.com

Ometepe Island

ometepe island nicaragua bitcoin surf ranch
Most people make San Juan Del Sur and Popoyo, their first stop when vacationing in Nicaragua, then venture off from there to other locations before returning to Managua for their flight back.  The next popular destination that tourists visit after San Juan Del Sur, is Ometepe Island, which is a large volcanic island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, and a must visit location in Nicaragua.  Through either of the Surf Ranch Resorts, you can pay with BitCoin for a shuttle to San Jorge, where you would then take a ferry to the island. Unfortunately the local ferry does not take BitCoin, but once on the other side, you can arrange a shuttle and stay with Xalli Beach Hotel who accepts BitCoin.

Xalli - Ometepe Beach Hotel - http://www.ometepebeachhotel.com/rooms.html


After visiting Ometepe Island, you can take a ferry back to San Jorge, and have the Surf Ranch shuttle drive you back to the airport for your flight home.  By using Bitcoin, you can book a flight to Nicaragua, stay at 3 different hotels, have food and drinks included, a sailing trip and shuttles to and from the airport and resorts.

As more and more places in Nicaragua start accepting BitCoin, we will be sure to update it here.  Also if you have a business or know of a business in Nicaragua that accepts BitCoin, let us know and we will be glad to add it to this post.


If you fall in love with Nicaragua, and decide you would like to buy your own place using BitCoin, it is now possible.   The Surf Ranch Resort in Popoyo is currently under construction and is selling ocean view condos, apartments and houses, and is accepting BitCoin for purchases of the condos, apartments and houses.

Contact sales@surfranchpopoyo.com, for a free investors kit and to get set up with your new ocean view home.  Also you can visit www.surfranchpopoyo.com