Saturday, April 23, 2016

New gym in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

There have been many requests from guests about adding a gym at the Surf Ranch Resort, so we finally decided to add one.  It turns out that it is the first gym at a hotel in San Juan Del Sur and many people from town are inquiring to use it, however it is available only to the hotel guests (for free) and we believe it is great addition to our action sports themed resort.

Surf Ranch Gym - San Juan Del Sur

Although the gym is not very large, it does have a lot of features and it is free to use anytime.

1. Treadmill

2. Weight Machine

3. Stationary Bike

4. Yoga Mats & Blocks

5. Dumbbells & Kettlebells (20 - 45 lbs)

6. Exercise Ball

7. Private Bathroom / Change Room

8. Cold water dispenser and towels

There is also a main public gym located downtown San Juan Del Sur, called the Fight Club gym and it costs a few dollars to use.  It is a larger gym with a boxing ring, MMA training, and a variety of weight machines and lessons available.  The gym is run and owned by a fellow Canadian, and they host fight nights every few months which is amazing to go and watch, you can see more details of their gym here -

Between both gyms in San Juan Del Sur, it should help you satisfy your gym cravings and keep you in shape after drinking all those pina coladas while on vacation :)