Monday, April 25, 2016

Cleaning up San Juan Del Sur, one bag at a time!

Earth Day only comes around once a year, but what if we can make it happen once a week?  On Sunday, we decided we would take matters in our own hands as it all has to start somewhere.  We started with only 5 of us, but we encourage all of you reading this to come join us every Sunday to clean up the garbage that is spread throughout San Juan Del Sur and the area.  We all live in a beautiful town, but there is a garbage epidemic littering the landscape, and it has to be taken care of.

The employees at the Surf Ranch planned a route.  Half started from the resort and the other half started by the river,  it is around half a km, but we managed to fill up around 20 bags. Everyone was astonished on how it long it took and the amount of garbage we collected in such a small area.  This was not only visible garbage, but years of garbage layered on top of other garbage, papers and magazines dating back to 2010. There is a lot of garbage still out there and our goal is to clean different areas of San Juan Del Sur, every Sunday.

So what did we find?

1. Diapers, filling half a garbage bag.

2. A dead hawk and bones in a bag.

3. Smashed Television with Remote control.

4. Top Prize - 200 cords in a shoe.

5. 5 rubber tires and 4 pairs of shoes.

6. A pile of coconuts.

7. Construction materials.

8. Children's books.

9. Glass and plastic bottles and cans

10. Small chip bags and candy wrappers

Every Sunday we will have a new planned route to clean the layers of garbage from the streets. Instead of using more garbage bags to pick up other garbage, we will be searching for reusable sacks and separating the recyclables. If anyone is interested in participating, we will set up a meeting point Sunday morning at the Surf Ranch Resort. We are hoping to double the amount of garbage that we collect next week so with more help we can get it done faster!  

If you are interested in taking part, please email us at

We hope to see everyone out next Sunday!